Galtee Bee Breeding Group AGM of year 2007

The 2007 A.G.M. of the G.B.B.G. held in the Band Room Cahir, Co. Tipperary on Sunday 20th January 2008, with a starting time of 2.00 pm. This years A.G.M. was a little different for your editor, because for the first time I was in attendance myself. The conduct of the meeting however, followed the standard pattern.


  1. Apologies and votes of sympathy.
  2. Minutes of AGM 2006.
  3. Matters Arising.
  4. Chairman’s Annual Report and review of work to date. See Separate Page. and Apiary Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report.
  6. Election of Officers and Working Committee.
  7. Membership Fee for coming year.
  8. Cost of Breeder Queens.
  9. Programme of activities for 2008.
  10. Morphometry report on workto date by Dr Pádraig Whelen (Delivered by Eddie O’Sullivan).
  11. Tea Break.
  12. Queen rearing by Tom Prendergast.
  13. Panel Discussion on Queen rearing with Tom, Micheál Mac, Dennis and John.
  14. Group Photograph.

Our Chairman Micheál welcomed all to the 16th AGM and extended sympathies to the families and friends of… Claire Chavasse, John Kearns, Tim Corbett, Dinny Gahan, Tania and Adam McCabe, Seamus Doran, Gerard Cullinane, Betty Showler, Eva Crane, Bernard Mobus, Eric Coleman, Sir Edmund Hillary and Sam Millar’s wife. All stood for a minute’s silence. Ar dheis De go raibh a nanamacha.

The minutes of the previous AGM were read by Michael Maunsell and adopted, Norman Walsh was congratulated on his MBE. In the absence of Gay Noonan, Dennis Ryan ran through the accounts which had been circulated prior to the meeting.

Speaking from behind the camera, Redmond Williams (Video Librarian) reported that 22 DVDs had been produced and will be available from Jim Power. Redmond stressed the value of the DVDs and sought comments and ideas for the future. Redmond wondered if the DVD collection should be made available to a wider audience through FIBKA. The meeting felt that it would be a very good idea. Michael Gleeson on behalf of FIBKA, thanked Redmond for the offer and complimented both Redmond and Ruary for their high quality work on video productions.

Colony Appraisals Report

Jim Power looked for suggestions to improve or increase the number of appraisals. Eoghan offered to put the forms in The Four Seasons. Jim explained in detail the difference between the colony evaluations and the appraisal form, going through the headings on both forms. We must assess our colonies in order to breed from the best of them. The returns so far for 2006 stands at 12 and only 6 for 2007. Dennis wondered if there should be a penalty/sanction on members who do not make returns. Micheál thanked Jim for the report and urged members to make returns, stressing that it was one of our ground rules.

Website Report

Dave said that the Website was global and changes slowly, so long-term things should be sent to him and short-term articles should be sent to the newsletter editor Eoghan. Dave went on to say said that he would put the evaluation forms on the website as downloadable items to help boost evaluation returns and would liaise with Jim Power about producing step by step instructions on the web. Dave stressed that both the Newsletter and Website needed input from people – and urged that material be passed on to the respective editors.

Membership Fees

GBBG   €15.00
BIBBA €25.00
Breeder Queen €15.00

In Future the Committee to decide BIBBA fee based on the exchange rate.

After an interlude for tea/coffee, Tom Prendergast gave a short illustrated talk on queen rearing, which was followed by a discussion on that topic. The meeting finished up with the customary group photograph.

Election of Officers and Working Committee.

  Chairman:   Micheál Mac Giolla Coda.
Secretary: Michael Maunsell.
Treasurer: Gay Noonan.
Newsletter Editor: Eoghan Mac Giolla Coda.
Remaining Committee…
Website Editor Dave Cushman.
Video Librarian: Redmond Williams and Jim Power.
Updates & New Developments Ruary Rudd.
Morphometry Jacob Kahn and Liam Rice.
Queen Rearing Micheál Mac Giolla Coda.
Instrumental Insemination Redmond Williams.
Varroa Officers: Dennis Ryan, Ruary Rudd.
Bee Flora Sally Perceval Maxwell.
Colony Evaluation Jim Power.
W/o Portfolio Ger O’Donoghue.
    —||— Joe Martin.
    —||— Tom Prendergast.

Group Activities Proposed for 2008.

  • Work Day…   February 17th 10.00 a.m.
  • Work Day…   March 30th 10.00 a.m.
  • Queen Rearing Workshop…   May 25th 2.00 p.m.
  • Family Day… June  Eddie O’Sullivan to organise, either Mountrath or Cobh
    Final date and Details will follow in the Four Seasons, and here.


I can comment that very few AGMs get the strength of support as GBBG does, attendance is a very high percentage of the membership and a credit to the degree of dedication all members show towards the well being of their Native bee.

Not actually mentioned at the meeting, but something that slipped my mind at the time… During the next 12 months the website would be undergoing various upgrades in coding to allow better presentation when printed.

Text by Dave Cushman and Michael Maunsell.