Galtee Bee Breeding Group AGM of year 2006


The meeting was held in the band room, Cahir at 2pm on Sunday February 11th 2007.

No photograph can be found of those present, so I list the members recorded as present in the minutes…

Micheál Mac Giolla Coda, Michael Maunsell, Gay Noonan, Erika Fitzpatrick, John Bartley, James Diskin, Laura Stanley, Kitie Mulyew, Jacob Khan, James Tobin, Tom Prendergast, Finola Walsh, Michael Gleeson, Graham Hall, Mary Coffey, Tom Carr, Allan Jones, Norman Walsh, Mervyn Eddie, Dennis Ryan, Redmond Williams, Ger Williams, Gerry Ryan, P.J. Taylor, Pat Howley, David Lee, Donal O’Riordan, Liam Rice, Jim Clerkin, P.J. Curran, Claire Chavasse, Ruary Rudd, Eamon McGee, Eddie O’Sullivan, John Corbett, Des Williams, Jim Power, Eileen Gahan, Philip McCabe, Michael Byrne, Jim Ryan, Eoghan Mac Giolla Coda, Darius Bartlett, Pádraig Whelan.

Apologies were received from…

Ben Harden, Sally Percival Maxwell, John Donohue, Tom Starr, Liam McGarry,

Chairman’s Opening Address

Micheál welcomed everybody and commented on the high attendance even though there were sporting attractions on the same day, he also delivered a vote of sympathy for those that had lost loved ones during the year.


The minutes of the previous AGM were read and adopted without comment or discussion.

Annual Report and Review of the year

Micheál Mac then went on to describe the year’s work and then give a summary of the previous fifteen year period that GBBG had now operated for, stress was placed on getting colony assessment returns back for analysis. Micheál then went on to outline the priorities for the next five years.

  1. Continue work on evaluation and breeding.
  2. Special attention to be paid to longevity, supersedure and productivity, with scale hives being used to produce data.
  3. We will study bee strains for resistance to varroa and AFB. We will detect and encourage levels of grooming and hygienic behaviour in relation to these diseases.
  4. A morphometric survey of bees in the whole of Ireland will be undertaken
  5. GBBG will co-operate with BIBBA, FIBKA, Dept. of Agriculture, Teagasc, University College Cork and other establishments

Micheál stressed the need for all members to commit to the work for the future benefit of Irish beekeeping.

Accounts and Finance

Gay Noonan then gave a short dissertation on the state of the finances.

Presentation to Claire Chavasse

Claire was presented with a pair of Cornus kousa chinensis shrubs for her garden, in recognition of the work she had put in as editor of Four Seasons and all the other work that she had undertaken on behalf of GBBG.

Breeding for Resistance

The afternoon was rounded off by Dennis Ryan talking about Hygienic and grooming behaviours.

Text by Dave Cushman