Report compiled from various sources

The agenda for GBBG Annual General Meeting for the year 2003, held on Sunday 25th January 2004 in the Band Room at Cahir was as follows…

1.Chairman’s address… (on separate page)

2.Minutes of AGM 2002 (not reported here)

3.Matters Arising (not reported here)

4.Secretary’s Report… (on separate page)

5.Treasurer’s Report (not reported here) See NEW TREASURER

6.Election of Officers and Working Committee (not reported here)

7.Membership Fee (not reported here)

8.Programme of activities for 2004 See GROUP ACTIVITIES

9.Tea Break

10.Simple Queen Rearing for the Small Beekeeper See QUEEN REARING

11.Discussion on Bee Improvement and Queen Rearing (not reported in detail)

Notes about the AGM

From the Chairman

Typical audience at a GBBG AGM What a wonderful congregation we had in the Band Room for our twelfth AGM on 25th January. The full house was most encouraging for the officers and committee of GBBG. From a rough head count I estimated the attendance to be more than forty with apologies from fifteen more who were unavoidably absent. This is a good indication of the growing interest and commitment among our members to bee improvement and their sincere willingness to co-operate with each other in this relatively new beekeeping venture. We sincerely hope that this spirit of co-operation will continue within our group for many years to come. There is no room in our little group for jealousy, or secrecy, or petty squabbling. Let us take as a model the honeybee colony and work together in unity for our common good. We had many long distance travellers this year that helped to swell the ranks of the home counties of Tipperary, Waterford, Kilkenny and Cork. They also came in force from Kerry, Offaly, Wexford, Wicklow, Dublin, Meath, Down and Antrim.



We are extremely fortunate that Jim Ryan has taken on the post of Treasurer. Of course Jim is better known to Irish and international beekeepers as the Editor of “An Beachaire”, a position which he has held for many years. May we take this opportunity to congratulate Jim and wish him well in his new undertaking as our Treasurer.


Jim Ryan, Photo… FIBKA



  1. Sunday 15th February 10.00am.

Apiary Maintenance at Dun Aonghusa Apiary, Glengarra Wood, Burncourt, Cahir. Bring a sandwich lunch, any spare ‘Bee Plants’ and favourite tools (woodworking or garden).

Sunday 18th April 2.00pm.

Video Movies and Video Editing with Ruary Rudd. Band Room, Cahir.

Sunday 9th May 2.30pm.

Colony Evaluation and Garden Walk. Mrs Wanda Ronan, Cuskinny House, Cobh. Directions to Cuskinny House:- Take the road to Fota Estate and Wild life Park. Pass the entrance and drive over the bridge. Take a left turn and stay on the main road from there until you come to a cross of four roads. There is a brown signpost, among others, for Cobh Aquatics indicating a left turn. Follow that road for a few miles until you come to a T-junction. The gates to Cuskinny House are facing you across the junction. As parking space in the estate is limited, please take a left turn at the junction and a few yards further on the right on the seashore there is a public parking area. A collection will be made from members towards one of Mrs Ronan’s Charities.



presentation on Queen Rearing, given by Claire Chavasse, Photo… Micheál Mac Giolla Coda QUEEN REARING


The simple, yet precise, presentation on Queen Rearing, given by our newsletter editor, Claire Chavasse, set the stage for a very lively discussion on many aspects of bee improvement and gave the entire audience much food for thought in the planning of their own bee breeding programmes for the fast approaching beekeeping season.

Text by Micheál Mac Giolla Coda, Dennis Ryan and Dave Cushman